Sea freight optimisation project

LEAD INSTITUTION:  Stellenbosch University
BENEFICIARY:  Fynbos and Protea Industry

  1. The industry to have a distinct definition of all sea freight transportation conditions for fynbos cut flower products, which will allow them to take maximum advantage of the newly introduced automatic ventilation, which has been developed to improve air conditioning and reduce energy consumption.
  2. The industry will understand what the CO2 tolerance for toxicity for a range of fynbos cut flower products are.
  3. The industry to know as to whether Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere technology can determine the lower oxygen limit for fynbos products.
  4. The industry will be knowledgeable about respiration rate of a range of fynbos products.
  5. The industry to understand the levels of CO2 that will accumulate in a closed reefer container over a 21-day cold storage period at 1˚C (and 4˚C, depending on availability of product shipped at that temperature).