Phyto-selective nettings to improve postharvest fruit quality of cv. Hass avocados

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR:  Prof. Dharini Sivakumar
LEAD INSTITUTION:  Tshwane University of Technology
BENEFICIARY:  Subtropical Industry

The industry will be knowledgeable about the effect of different photo-selective coloured shading nets on:

  1. Incidence of sun damage, dry matter and oil content of the fruit, improved pack-out rate in cv. Hass
  2. Postharvest fruit quality parameters such as fruit firmness, incidence of anthracnose, stem-end rot, number of days to ripen after harvest and after cold storage, ethylene emission, incidence, physiological disorders (vascular browning, grey pulp) and eating quality
  3. Postharvest fruit quality parameters (as mentioned above) in fruits that are subjected to ready-to-eat ripening programme (Westfalia fruits)
  4. Fatty acid and fruit mineral composition, nutritional compounds, cell wall softening enzymes and antifungal compounds after postharvest storage –cv. Hass.