Ethyl formate fumigation

LEAD INSTITUTION:  Stellenbosch University
BENEFICIARY:  Pome and Stone Fruit

Having the option of Vapormate fumigation as a postharvest mitigation treatment will enhance phytosanitary control on export fruit by:

  1. Offering an alternative to methyl bromide fumigation;
  2. Being effective against phytosanitary insect pests for which there are currently no other proven treatments e.g. grain chinch bug;
  3. Bringing the industry up to date with current research trends.

The presence of phytosanitary insect pests on export fruit causes rejections of consignments that led to direct economic losses for the industry. Effective postharvest mitigation treatments that control phytosanitary pests help to prevent these losses and ensure economic gains. Vapormate has been shown to be an effective postharvest treatment and is registered, or is in the process of being registered, for this purpose in a number of countries. In order to maintain a competitive edge, the South African fruit industry should also evaluate the potential of Vapormate and develop treatments that can be used on our export products.